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At Bristol Printhouse we hear this a lot, usually just after we have asked a customer to supply their logo. The fact is we would love to but at the end of the day you wouldn’t thank us. The reason is this, the resolution or quality of image on a Website is 72dpi and for Litho Print it is 300dpi. A comparison would be to ask Leonardo da Vinci to produce the Mona Lisa with chubby crayons … it isn’t going to work.

As a customer you don’t have the time to sort it, a colleague had a copy in a Word document, so they save it but someone else created it years ago and supplied it in a weird format such as a JPEG and for day to day things on screen or on your inkjet printer it works OK but not for print?

If the original cannot be found it has to be recreated at extra time and cost in order to achieve the results you expect to see. It is usually recreated in a format that can be enlarged or reduced without loss of quality.

The best thing is to avoid the problem in the first place. When your logo first gets created, let the designer or person creating it know what ways you plan to use it. Then ask them to produce a file at the correct resolution for each one. Be sure to include a vector format such as an Illustrator file or EPS as that way you should be able to cover all scenarios.

Once you have the files save them in at least two places and back them up. Let people know where they are and what each one is for, a simple word document or pdf saying which logo format to use for which purpose rather than a full on Corporate Standard would suffice. It could be as simple as for Web use these and for Print use these and list the file names. This way you can save yourself both time and money in the future.

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