A Safe Space – We All Need One

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You’re feeling stressed, the phone keeps ringing and emails keep appearing, all demanding your attention. At the top of it all your deadline is bearing down like an overcast day, heavy, grey. Someone comes to see you, another distraction, as they talk they get closer, the realisation they are in your space, overbearing and constricting, you feel crowded.

A discrete step back brings an air of relief, they come nearer, personal space gone, answers get shorter, the desire and your ability to express yourself stifled. You long for the coffee shop, the park, watching people go by. To be talking to your best friend, laughing happily, feeling free, it’s your space. We’ve all been there for sure, space, it’s so important. It gives you room to be who you are and helps others to see you as you intend them to.

At Bristol Printhouse one thing we cannot emphasise enough is a Safe Space for the design that you intend to print. Take Business Cards for example we often we see key wording or logos right to the edge looking over crowded and poorly spaced. Add to that the technicalities of print such as the size of the printing sheet, paper stretch, lamination and guillotining and your design master piece can start to look amateurish quite quickly. Look at any major brand and they will insist on a minimum space around their logo. Think of it as a frame around a picture, it draws the viewer in, allows the image to stand out and gets the intended message across.

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We recommend a safe space of 3-5mm from the edge of any business card for any key images and ALL type/wording. This nicely frames your overall image and allows for any movement. There is an image below to show you what to look out for and for more information look at the Artwork section on our website.

Space – Do not be afraid to use it.

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