Litho & Digital


Digital is the clear choice for short run full colour printing. With little in the way of set-up your project can be completed much quicker than with litho, and on a choice of different stock.

There’s very little you can’t do with digital…modern digital printing can be just as good as traditional litho, with vibrant colours and startling clarity available with great consistency no matter what size the print.

Digital printing gives many benefits. Fast turn around removes the need for storage and, importantly, you only order the quantity required, so there’s no risk that you’ll be left with hundreds of copies of an out of date brochure. Small runs can be produced and dispatched by us direct to your clients and runs can be as few as just one or two, giving you the opportunity to create a real impact by personalising your print item and having it delivered speedily direct to your clients. All we need is your artwork, the rest we can do for you.


Lithographic printing is the traditional and obvious choice for larger volume projects as well as for shorter runs, and for those that include special colours. It offers you the option of an almost endless choice of different paper stock and weight to use, with the result guaranteed to look crisp, clear and bright.

Litho offers:

High speed for larger quantities

Savings on higher volumes

Incomparable colour reproduction

Use of special colours and effects

Huge choice of different paper weights and thicknesses

Making the Choice

  1. There are no economies of scale when using digital print, each copy costs the same to produce. With litho most of the costs are in setting up, so the more copies the greater the spread of the initial cost.
  2. Digital can be quicker. There’s very little in the way of set-up time (once the art work is approved) and no drying time.
  3. Digital can be cheaper, but it depends on numbers. Ask us about your project and we’ll be able to explain and cost both for you.
  4. Digital is flexible. You can change an image or detail easily to personalise. Print runs can be as short as needed at that time.

Our job is to make sure our customers get what’s best for them. If you have a print requirement and are not sure what’s best for you, why not give us a ring on 0117 955 8444 or email us with an idea of your requirement and we’ll respond asap.